Spaniel Trials

2022 spaniel trails

We only held a Open trial this year at Tomatin estate

Judges where Alec Coutts and Rab Lithgow

1st Bishwell Bridget – Jim O’Neill

2nd Brocklinton Bertie – Alan Sankey

3rd Lochandiamh Kim of Jenoren- James Adamson

4th Brocklington Frankie of Criech- Janice Cunningham

Com went to

Tweedbrae Dre’s young star- Jim Wardrobe

Saxonvale Axis – Andrew Cunningham

Brocklington Lenny-Alan Sankey

2020 Spaniel Trials …

We are yet to make a decision as to whether we will be holding field trials in the 2020/21 season. We will meet again at the end of September and publish an update afterwards.

2019 Spaniel Trials

We were lucky enough to be able to venture onto lovely new ground in search of rabbits for our Open AV (excl cocker) Trial in Oct 2019. It wasn’t an easy trial and nobody could deny that the dogs and handlers making it into the awards had to prove themselves to get there. Massive thanks to Mr Kevin Fletcher of Kinrara & Lochindorb estates for allowing us onto the ground, to Head Gamekeeper Kevin Begg and his team who put in a lot of work in preparation for the trial and provided an outstanding team of guns, I don’t think they missed all day, and to our sponsors CSJ dog food, Tain Pottery & D&FM Sporting.

Judges for the day were Mr Jonathan Bailey and Mr Duncan Sutherland, huge thanks to them for giving us their time and to all those who came to help. They managed to give every dog a fair chance and found a winner on the day. Congratulations to Ian Clark, who had a grand week having won another tricky trial with another of his spaniels the day before – wishing you the best of luck at the Championship, Ian.

  • 1st Fuselea Delight – Ian Clarke
  • 2nd Brocklinton Bertie – Alan Sankey
  • 3rd Lochandaimh Kim of Jenoren – Jim Adamson
  • 4th Meikleburn Twix – Bill Johnston
  • COM’s Caulliechat Zara – James Carmichael
  • FTCh Brocklinton Betty (& Gun’s Choice) – Alan Sankey

Open AV 2019

Our Novice AV Trial at Tomatin just goes from strength to strength. It was a even more amazing day this year, thanks to the work put in by our hosts David and Fiona Thomson at D&FM Sporting, Keeper David Taylor and their incredible team of guns. Huge thanks to all who helped out on the day and to our sponsors, Tain Pottery, CSJ dog food and D&FM Sporting.

The standard of the young dogs that Judges, Jonathan Bailey and Jamie Reid saw was very high indeed and Kim Stewart’s cocker, handled by Eddie Scott, put in a brave performance to emerge as the eventual winner after a run off. Thank you Jonathan and Jamie.

  • 1st Taykimoor Game Diva – Kim Stewart, handled by E Scott
  • 2nd Rogart Rubee – Bill Johnstone
  • 3rd Bishwell Bridget – J O’Neill
  • 4th Broomfield Adam – Eddie Scott
  • COM’s Glenlaggan Arrow – Billy Sankey, handled by Alan Sankey
  • Dawsonlee Maddy – Simon Dixon
  • Meikleburn Arkiva (& Gun’s Choice) – Alan Clouston
  • Smithson Nero – Julie Thatcher
  • Matrixglen Penelope – M Fallon, handled by Sarah Fallon
  • Kilhopemoss Amethyst – David Wilson

2019 Nov AV Trial

2018 Spaniel Trials

Friday 19th October saw our Open AV Spaniel trial take place. Huge thanks from the committee to our hosts at Altyre Estate for providing another good trial and great guns, to Judges Simon Dixon and Peter Holmes for giving up their time and to our spaniel sponsors Tain Pottery and CSJ dog food for their generosity. Of course we couldn’t get everything else done without help from all those who have an interest in what the club is doing and come along to help out.
Results were:
1st: A Cunningham – Hagghouse Warrior
2nd: S Waddell – Gartshore Ardara
3rd & Guns Choice: G Clark – Helmsway Halfcrown
4th: E Scott – Broomfield Anna
CoM: D Wilson – Jailbreak Judy

Open 2018 winners

Our Novice AV Spaniel trial take place in the sunshine on Saturday 20th October. Hosts for the day were David and Fiona Thomson at Tomatin and keeper David Taylor. Our sincere thanks go to them and to our guns, Duncan, Mike, Simon and Calum and everyone else who came and helped out on the day. Our judges for the day were David Wilson, Graham Clark, Nicola Hannan and Janice Cunnigham. Thank you so much for agreeing to judge for us and giving up your time. This trial was very generously sponsored by D & FM Sporting, Tain Pottery and CSJ Dog food.

Results from the day:
1st: Not awarded
2nd & Guns Choice: D Gibson – Quarryford Aingealag
3rd: J Bailey – Churchview Storm
4th: R Reilly – Livewire Liam
CoM: C Hill – Hawkmantle Viscount

Novice 2018 winners

All of our 2017 spaniel events were sponsored by CSJ dog food and Tain Pottery and they both supply us with some fantastic prizes. More information can be found on their websites.

Tain Pottery

CSJ Dog Food

2017 Spaniel Field Trial results

Our Open AV Trial (Excl Cockers) was again saw us return to the excellent ground at Altyre Estate by the kind permission of Sir Alastair Gordon Cumming and his head keeper Peter Cairney who also supplied a great team of guns for the day.

Judges this year were Adrian Slater & Graham Clark and we are especially thankful to them. Without judges who are willing to sacrifice the own opportunity to run their own dog whether it be in our trials or one in another part of the country we’d be stuck.

1st Steve Charlton – Kilhopemoss Firestorm
2nd Eddie Scott – Broomfield Tara
3rd & Gun’s Choice Spence Waddell – Gartshore Ardara

Ben Watkins – Ramseys Rolo
Jim Adamson – Spirocon Annie of Jenoren
Andrew Cunningham handling Janice Cunningham’s – Spamvalley Fizz

Open AV Spaniel 2017

The Novice AV gave us the opportunity see some new ground at Tomatin by the very kind permission of our hosts David and Fiona Thomson of D & FM Sporting who have also sponsored the club in previous years. Steward of the beat on the day was keeper David Taylor.

Judges Adrian Slater and Graham Clark were joined by Dougie Gibson and William Calder as well as the many people who have been only too willing to come and shoot,  steward or carry game for us. Thank you.

1st Richard Wells – Barcudwen Minty
2nd Richard Claydon – Mallowdale Lucky of Kingcott
3rd William Drummond – Lochandaimh Kyle

4th Jim Clark – Glenugie’s Promise
Julie Thatcher – Clentohill Dutch of Countryways (& Gun’s Choice)
Carrie Smith – Delnamer Black Flash (In their first trial!)

Novice AV Spaniel 2017

2016 Spaniel Field Trial results

We would like to thank our hosts at Altyre Estate, Sir Alastair Gordon-Cumming, Head Keeper Peter Cairney and his team of guns for putting on another good Open ESS trial for us. Both the Spaniel trials were generously sponsored by D & FM Sporting, Tain Pottery and CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds. Judges for the Open Trial were Mr Richard Claydon & Mr Steve Charlton. We would like to thank them both for giving up their time and also all those who came to help over the course of the weekend for both of our Spaniel Trials.

The Open ESS Trial was held on Friday 21st October and the results were as follows:

1st Duke of Buccleuch’s Cowarnecourt Jonquil of Buccleuch handled by David Lisett
2nd Eddie Scott’s FTCh Broomfield Annie
3rd Richard Wells Pitrahh Dirty Angie
4th & Guns Choice Ben Watkins FTCh Simonside Doris of Laysan
COM’s were awarded to Spence Waddell’s Gartshore Ardara, Julie Thatcher’s Shalloakwest Shadey, Steven Blackwell’s Luthmhor Draco & William Johnstone’s Buccleuch Katy.


The Novice Trial was held at Glenferness Estate the following day by the kind permission of Lady Balgonie and Keeper Terry Bain. Our thanks got to them for having us back once again for a great day that finished in good time. Judges were Richard Claydon, Steve Charlton, Jim Adamson and Stuart Dunn. Our congratulations go to everyone who gained an award over the course of the two trials and sincere thanks to everyone who made the journey and gave up their time to make the trials a success.

The results of the Novive AV Spaniel trial were as follows:

1st & Guns Choice Eddie Scott – Broomfield Hope
2nd Richard Wells – Marketgate Dixie
3rd Eddie Scott – Broomfield Anna
4th Jim Clark – Shalloakwest Peroni of Surefly


2015 Spaniel Trial results

Both of our Spaniel Trails this year were judged by Mr Edward Martin and Mr Steve Bates. We would like to thank them for making the journey and giving up a great deal of their time to judge for the club.

We would also like to thank sponsors Tain Pottery, D & FM Sporting and CSJ Specialist canine feeds for their continued support as well as all those who helped out  over the course of the two trials. Without our members and helpers we would be lost so thank you again for all of your help.

Open Trial for 16 English Springer Spaniels held on Friday 23rd October at Altyre Estate.

1st – Alec Coutts – Spamvalley Honey of Stagsden
2nd – Bill Johnstone – Buccleuch Katy
3rd – David Wilson – Granton Minstrel
4th – Jim Clark – Shalloakwest Skooter
COM’s to:
Stuart Dunn – Kirstzo Mr Soft (& Guns Choice)
JimAdamson – Rothievale Larch
Ben Watkins – Pitrahh Dirty Annie

Our thanks go to Sir Alastair Gordon-Cumming, gamekeeper Peter Cairney and his team of guns for another great trial.

Moray Firth Open ESS 2015

Novice Trial for 16 Any Variety Spaniels held on Saturday 24th October at Glenferness Estate.

1st Dougie Gibson – Speytrack Ann
2nd Davie Wilson – Granton Minstrel
3rd Bill Johnstone – Helmsway Honeybee
4th Andrew Cunningham – Woodlandbank Bramble (& Gun’s Choice)

COM’s to:
Gary Vennard – Craigscourt Black Jack
Jim Adamson – Strawberry Glen Sunrise of Jenoren
Jim Temporal – Gartshore Thistle
Raymond Harrow – Kinross Meg
Ryan Hoggan – Bostonmoor Battleaxe

Ryans Novice AV Photo

Our sincere thanks also go to Lady Balgonie, gamekeeper Terry Bain and the team of guns who helped to provide the trial for the club.

2014 Trial Results

Results from the Open stake for English Springer Spaniels

1st – M Huitson, Balmuir Skylark (Making the dog a FTCh)
2nd – R Claydon, Sliabh Peggy of Greenbrush (& Guns Choice)
3rd – N Hannan, Sealpin Sugar Spun Sister of Druimmuir
COM – S Charlton, Flaxdale Lara
COM – S Charlton Kilhopemoss Pepperpot
COM – A Cunningham, Kilhopemoss Minder
COM – G Clark, Broomfield Lilly
Thanks go to Altyre Estate and to our sponsors D & FM Thomson, CSJ dog food and Tain Pottery.

 Novice Trial for AV Spaniels at Glenferness, 2014


Judges were John Dixon, Peter Holmes, Jim Temporal and Jamie Reid. Our sincere thanks are extended to them for judging today and to John and Peter for judging yesterday as well.

Award winners today were:
1st – W Drummond, Buccleuch Imrigh (ESS dog)
2nd – J Adamson, Caulliechat Prince (ESS dog)
3rd – G Vennard, Craigscourt Blackjack (ESS dog) & Guns Choice
COM – A Cunningham, Spamvalley Fizz (ESS bitch)
COM – A Pett, Kingcott Bow (Cocker dog)

Thanks again to our sponsors Tain Pottery, CSJ dog food and D & FM Sporting.

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